SSL is the brainchild of Netscape. It's a security protocol specifically created to protect Web-based e-commerce transactions, and it has been wildly successful. It sits between the application protocol (usually HTTP) and TCP/IP, and secures applications including mail, directory services, and even the most customized financial transactions.

What does SSL do for you? For starters, it thwarts sniffers intent on intercepting your data by encrypting network sessions, hashing them into secure unreadability. It provides public key encryption to prevent an interloper from slipping into the session with a fake ID; and it can, if you like, authenticate your clients.

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Monitoring Services
Reseller and Dedicated hosting clients can receive Server Health Monitoring. This monitoring tracks cpu, memory, disk space, backup success, ports, processes and services for availablity. Clients receive historical records of their servers' performance, and can have alerts sent to their e-mail, cell phones or pagers. Alerts are customizable so that they can be sent to the right people at your organization, at approriate status thresholds.

In addition to our free Monitoring Services, which operates from inside our network, our clients can add External Application Monitoring to their suite of services. External Application Monitoring checks your keyword page from three or more seperate points outside of our network at intervals ranging from five to fifteen minutes.